Teaming up to serve the gaming community

Adam brings the marketing knowledge, Brian brings the nerd knowledge and together they use these skills to serve the gaming community, especially local game shops.

Our Quest Began With a Shared Passion For Gaming

With a lifetime passion for all sorts of gaming and nerding out with friends, we decided that we wanted to help game store owners grow their community of nerds.

The Story is Growing...

We bring years of marketing knowledge and experience to a specialized market for game shop owners to succeed against the tyranny of Amazon.

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In The Beginning

Adam and Brian meet at college and kick off the beginning of a kickass friendship.

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Content Creator

Adam contracts with Brian as a content creator for The Marketing Clerics parent company: Bauertech

May 2023
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Adam and Brian team up against the villians of nerd-based businesses and provide much needed digital marketing services to nerd-based businesses as The Marketing Clerics

Oct 2023
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Future Growth

We want to help 500 nerd-based businesses double their customer base.