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We're nerds on a quest to serve game stores, escape rooms, game designers, and any other nerd powered businesses.

Grow with us in this unique opportunity

Hybrid (Preferred)

While we live in a digital era, we recognize the value of face to face interaction. We prefer to hire someone who is local to the Twin Cities, MN area.

Profit Sharing

We're looking for EntreLeaders, team members who have a an entrepreneurship mindset and recognize the value of ownership.

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Flexible Hours

The ideal candidate will be able to meet with the team weekly as well as track their time in our project management tool.

Clerics Heal

While we do not offer medical insurance now, we take care of our own in times of need. You will truly become a part of our fellowship.

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Career Growth

We're looking for a team member who works a full time job, but is looking for more than a J.O.B. Looking to be a part of something bigger than themselves.

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Great Culture

We're still a small business, and we're nerds. So we like to have fun! But we also recognize the value of hard work.

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