Take advantage of the cheapest form of marketing

Many businesses don't take advantage of email marketing, which is, by far, the most affordable marketing method. We don't believe in cold emails. We believe in sending email only to those who want to see it.

What's included in the email marketing service?

Email List Growth

We can help you build your email list with meaningful campaigns and legitimate followers. Focus on getting the emails that are most likely to turn into customers and you'll see the sales come flying in!

Lead Magnets

Email marketing starts with offering something that attracts your customer. Think of things like giveaways or memberships to exclusive information. These must pull in the customer you want buying from you, otherwise you end up with a garbage list.

Email Sequence Strategy

When you are running a giveaway campaign or offering exclusive content, you want to have a series of emails that go out. Not just a one-time email. We can help you build out that strategy and even write that email copy!

Monetization Strategy

Let's be honest, if your goal isn't to earn customers through your email campaign, then you probably shouldn't be sending out email. Every campaign we put together is tracked so you know exactly how many people are opening, clicking, and even buying from your online store.

Email List Maintenance - Advertise X Webflow Template

Email List Maintenance

The harsh reality of the internet is that trolls exist. No, not the big hairy ones from Skyrim. These are worse. They give you fake emails to take down your email system with bounced emails. We will validate every single email that gets submitted in order to reduce these bounceback messages.

Marketing Emails

We will work with you to define the best schedule for your marketing emails to customers. This can include things like in store events, product specials, new release announcements, and much more! Keep your nerds informed about your business through email.

From growing your email list to designing killer emails

Our team can take your email marketing process from end to end. You just supply us with your offers, events, and news, and we design them into beautiful emails. Don't have enough emails in your list to justify this service? Keep reading, we can help with that too!

Marketing Plan - Advertise X Webflow Template

1. Assess Current List

We will take a look at your current email list and determine if you need to start with a list building campaign.

Email Sequence Setup - Advertise X Webflow Template

2. Formulate a Plan

Depending on your list, we will start with a list growth campaign or kick off a regular email campaign.

Email List Maintenance - Advertise X Webflow Template

3. Collect & Design

We will collect your unique offers, events, and news and design a newsletter-style or email list growth campaign.

Measure And Scale - Advertise X Webflow Template

4. Execute & Measure

Launching your email campaign is only half of the process. We make sure to track all results of the campaign so you know quickly what works and what doesn't.

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