Social Media Marketing to Grow Your Customer Base

Ready to level up your game store's social media presence? Our digital marketing agency is like the power-up you've been searching for in a tough level. We'll help you beat the boss-level challenge of social media management, so you can focus on what you do best - selling epic games!

What's included in our Social Media Management Service?

Custom Graphics Design

All of our social media posts feature custom graphics design services. We do not use Canva like most freelancers.

Written by Nerds

All social posts are written by professional nerds. Our best voice is witty, funny, and sarcastic. We pull in nerdy references to tabletop games, CCGs, video games, or board games.

Custom Content Calendars

We will work with you to identify the best types of content to publish and build them into a calendar that we can follow religiously.

Community Management

Have you ever thought of having a community of your customers to virtually spend time together, post strategies, trade cards, share stories, etc? Show your nerd community that you care more about your customers than their wallets and let us help you start and manage a community.

Video Editing

Social media isn't complete without video content. From Reels to Stories, we have you covered. We'll provide you with the content that will thrive, you record the videos, and our team of experts will edit it to make it look great!

Follower Tracking & Engagement

We measure your social media analytics and engage with your audience on your behalf, using your profile!

A storyline to get you to endgame

Our social media management process is designed to help your game store succeed.

1. Plan Your Gear

Every good player plans the right gear they need to reach endgame. We plan the right categories of posts, the right blend of videos, images, and promotions to make the difference.

2. Build Your Calendar

Just like having a consistent raid night, you need to have a consistent social posting calendar. Give your audience a predictable cadence to look forward to week over week!

3. Craft Your Gear

We custom craft every post from text to graphics. No Canva here. Just pure graphics design skills and copywriting that will capture your audience. We craft a month's worth of posts at once to keep your review time to a minimum.

4. Post & Engage

Publish your posts based on your calendar and engage where needed to keep your audience on their toes.

Check out our work

Get ready to level up your laughter! Here's a sneak peek at our social media posts that blend the thrill of gaming with a dash of humor, making even the toughest boss battles feel like a piece of cake.

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