Web Design for Nerd Businesses

Looking to level up your online presence? Our web design wizards are ready to transform your website from a simple Pac-Man maze into a dazzling, user-friendly World of Warcraft!

What do you get with our web design service? 

Custom Graphic Design

We have a full team of designers ready and willing to provide a custom flair of design for your website.

Template Layout

While we do utilize templates, it helps us keep your costs down. We build out custom layout sections as needed and provide custom graphics as well.

Multi-Platform Capable

We have plenty of experience with a plethora of platforms: Wordpress, Shopify, Wix, Squarespace, Webflow, etc.


We know how important it is for your game store to be able to sell your goods online and offer that option for your customers. All of our websites are e-Commerce compatible.

Wordpress Hosting

We are ready to host and manage your Wordpress website on our DigitalOcean dedicated servers.


We understand the desire to have a website on a platform that isn't as customizable as Wordpress, but is a whole lot more predictable. So we have Shopify developers as well!

Custom Email

You can optionally receive custom emails for your website using Google Workspace.

Our web design process

It's not some complex spell, but we do have several necessary components!

1. Brand & Customer Discovery

Your brand is unique to you, so we meet with your key staff to collect all the information we need to speak to your brand and your customers with your new website.

2. Template & Wireframe

We identify a website template to customize to your brand and build the pages out with dummy content in preparation for your custom graphics and content.

3. Content

We write your content, design your graphics, and pull together your images. We then load it all onto the website in preparation for the draft review.

4. Draft Approval & Go-Live

We meet with your key staff to review the website content page by page and collect feedback before we take the website live.

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